Tooth Pain Relief

Tooth Pain Relief Without A Dentist

Toothache can really occur during very unexpected moments, so you always need to be prepared for it. While the consensus is that you need to visit a dentist to get tooth pain relief, we all know that it is not always possible – for example, if pain starts during midnight, when no dental office is open, or when you are in the middle of your mountain hiking holiday. There are, luckily for you, ways to subside the pain without visiting a dentist.

It is wise to always have over-the-counter medications, like NSAIDs (iBuprofen), Paracetamol, Anadin Extra, etc., at your disposal. In fact, these are good not only for tooth pain relief, but also to relieve fever, back pain, and other ailments, so all the more reasons to keep them. Remember that there is a maximum recommended dose for each of these products, so don’t try to exceed it.

An overdose of these products may result in severe damages of your kidney, liver, for example. Also, don’t mix them up, if you don’t know what you are doing. Unless you are 100% confident in your knowledge in this area, and if so, then the responsibility is fully on your shoulders, you should consult with your pharmacist to get directions on how to use those drugs.

There are definitely much simpler ways to alleviate the pain of your teeth. You probably heard about them, too, – for example, using cloves and salt is one of the most popular methods to relieve toothache. A good combination is following – you rinse your mouth, gargle with salt water to disinfect it and kill bacteria, then you put a few cloves to the area of pain and push them to get the juices, which are very good natural analgesics, to flow out. Garlic, ice, Hydrogen Peroxide are also used to relieve pain.

We want to emphasize that you should visit your dentist as soon as you can, after you manage to get temporary tooth pain relief. If you don’t know any dentist in your city try services like 1-800-dentist, or try Googling or searching on websites like Yelp and Citysearch for a dentist in your city (for example, for “Los Angeles dentist”).

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