The Real Cost of Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common ailments among people of varying ages. Almost everyone suffers from some form of back pain in their lives, and many suffer from debilitating, sometimes agonizing back pain day after day. Many choose to ignore or deal with their back pain and go without treatment, and as a result can suffer from the ailment for months and sometimes years.

Too often people tend to focus only on the physical pain and discomfort that comes along with back problems and do not think about the financial costs they could be facing in the years to come as a result of not treating their back pain. In most cases, it becomes much more expensive and hassling to prolong getting treatment for back pain.

Back pain is a very common problem. Studies show that 80% of people experience back pain in their life span, and back pain is among the 3 most common reasons that people will visit their doctor. It has also been determined that people are spending over $80 billion on their neck and back ailments each year, and that number is rising.

It has become such a popular ailment among people today as a result of the way we live. Jobs and school require sitting for long periods of time. When we go home, we tend to remain sedentary. Poor posture as a result of being confined to a desk or chair for hours on end at work or school can cause major spinal damage, and combining that with prolonged inactivity with the body in an immobile state is the perfect recipe for back problems. Jobs that involve heavy labor and require employees to perform heavy lifting or other activities that put strain on the back also contributes to back pain. Many times those who work these jobs have no other choice but to take days off when their back pain becomes too unbearable to perform the job’s tasks.

Because back pain is so common, many tend to go without seeking treatment because they are used to experiencing and dealing with back pain. However, back pain is not normal and should not be ignored. When treatment is prolonged for long amounts of time, the problem can become so serious that surgery will be required. If patients opt for early treatment, however, they will be able to choose from much less expensive and invasive treatment options such as physical therapy or injections, which can eliminate the need for surgery later on.

Back problems can be avoided altogether by taking proper care of your back and practicing precautions such as taking care to not lift with the back and maintaining good posture.

Maintaining a healthy weight can prevent back pain as being overweight puts added stress on the spine. Incorporating an exercise routine is a great way to prevent back pain as inactivity is a major cause of back problems. You can also invest in more comfortable shoes for better support while on your feet during the day, or a better mattress that properly supports the back while sleeping at night. If you are experiencing back pain, seek treatment and take steps to prevent further damage and more costly treatments in the future.

The infographic below will give you an overview of how costly back pain can be, and why you should be taking the necessary steps to relieve your pain sooner rather than later.

Cost of Back Pain Infographic

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