Testosterone Levels

How Soon Do Testosterone Levels Start to Drop?

Whether you are a woman or a man, there will come a time in your life when your testosterone levels will start to decline. With this downward trajectory comes symptoms that can cause you some grief and discomfort. Most people generally believe that this problem is not something they have to worry about when they are young. Contrary to what they believe however, a decrease in testosterone levels can actually begin earlier than middle age.

In men, testosterone increases in their adolescent years. This goes up and stabilizes at a normal level between the ages of 16 and 30 however, after their 3rd decade, a decrease of 1% per year is seen in most men. This decline continues, and as time progresses, symptoms that are caused by this drop start to emerge.

There are times however when the drop in testosterone occurs at an earlier age for men, and this can be due to a few things. Some factors that can affect testosterone levels include thyroid gland disorders, excessive intake of alcohol, adverse reactions to some medications, and even depression. Lower than normal levels of testosterone at an early age can also be due to obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cancer of the testes.

In women, testosterone levels start to drop during perimenopause, and show a significant decline after menopause. While women already have lower levels of this hormone in their systems compared to men, the lower-than-normal levels can be easily distinguished with the help of tests and by checking on the symptoms that come with it. A gradual decline is nothing to worry about, but a sudden drop is something that may indicate an underlying condition.

Women can experience a premature decrease in testosterone levels if they are experiencing ailments like cancer of the ovaries, and when their ovaries have been removed. The effects of such a decline in women may cause problems like low s ex drive, weak bones, and fertility issues. Of course, if these levels are higher than normal, women can expect more troubling symptoms like the abnormal growth of facial hair, acne, and losing hair on their head.

When you suspect that your testosterone levels are dropping, you should have your doctor conduct tests to determine this. If it is indeed lower than normal, your doctor can prescribe therapies that can help get this hormone back up to a level that helps alleviate the symptoms that come with low testosterone levels. This is usually a therapy given to men however, there have been some women who have taken such a therapy at reduced levels to help them deal better with the effects of such a decline.








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