How Exercise Keeps Us Young

Every once in a while our bodies are able to become new again, literally. Every once in a while, we’re completely new persons. Literally. Our cells are designed to be replaced by other cells that are completely identical to their predecessors. However, it’s the cellular pattern that ends up killing us in the end. But all the science trivia aside, it is a widely known fact that exercise keeps us healthy. Some are even aware that it keeps us young. How exactly does this happen?


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The Science Behind it

Every cell in our body is produced with its eventual division in mind. What keeps the gene-carrying chromosomes attached are telomeres, a special type of DNA. With each cellular division, these telomeres get shorter and shorter, and at the point when they get too short, our cells begin to die.

How is this related to exercise? Telomeres in those physically active simply stay longer for a longer while,. Telomeres are physically active and simply stay in your system longer, thus keeping cellular division going. This is the key piece of evidence that physical activity is, in fact, related to maintaining young bodies.

What Exercise Actually Does

Regular exercise addresses many typical concerns when it comes to aging. As we age, we can become forgetful, frail, and even sedentary. Unfortunately when this happens, our medicine cabinets grow fuller and more diverse with each passing year. Exercise, however, keeps these weaknesses at bay, and allows our bodies and spirits to remain strong; always ready and, most importantly, healthy.

Physical activity lowers our cholesterol levels, thus keeping the chances of strokes and various heart-related problems at bay. This also has something to do with our diets in part, but health is based on spending what we ingest, at least for the most part. Keeping a good exercise regime also improves blood circulation, so that more oxygen is supplied to our brains and other body parts, keeping them agile and strong. This is crucial for maintaining balance and helping with our reflexes, therefore, making us capable and independent.

Regular exercise

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How to Approach Physical Activity

What keeps us seated for days on end is, interestingly, sitting itself. The more we remain glued to our chairs, the harder it is to get up and do something. It’s all human psychology, really – one bad habit leeching its power from the last one. The best way to get yourself going is to hire a personal fitness trainer. especially if you never were one for physical activity to begin with. Having someone to push you through whatever exercise program fits you, is a huge perk. They will keep you motivated when you   aim at staying fit and maintaining that form indefinitely.

Just as inactivity makes us inactive, exercise keeps us going. It is crucial, at least for the first couple of weeks, to push through the pain and keep going every day, without exceptions. Once you’ve reached a certain level of fitness, you’ll need to make rest days. In the beginning, it is crucial that you take it easy, making slow and gradual progress, until activity becomes a habit. You might not be able to imagine it now, but once you’ve reached a certain point, you won’t be able to miss a day of exercise (no matter how hard you try to relax).

And, that is the true beauty of life; each positive thing supports the next one. By exercising regularly, you are guaranteeing yourself a younger and healthier body. Why not get started today?

just as it is the case with things that are bad, whether it is the physical activity that’s in question, or something completely unrelated. It is the positive that keeps us young and kicking.

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