Cinnamon Supplements

How Cinnamon Supplements are Effective for Weight Loss?

Cinnamon is used for a wide variety of natural health treatments. The treatments that cinnamon can be used for are countless. One of the many different treatments that cinnamon are used for is weight loss. This is especially true when the patient is diabetic. So how does cinnamon help to control weight, or even help you to lose weight?

Insulin Control

Cinnamon helps to control the amount of insulin that is released by the pancreas. It also helps to control the weight gain that is associated with diabetes and other disorders that cause the rise and fall of blood sugars.

The most important factor is to monitor the amount of cinnamon you take in. Too much cinnamon intake can decrease glucose levels to the point of hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar.

Speeds Metabolism

As we previously mentioned, cinnamon helps to control the level of insulin that is released by the body and helps to control blood glucose levels. However, the spice has the ability to increase the rate of metabolism of food, which allows the body to decrease the amount of fat that the body takes in. By taking in cinnamon on a daily basis, it causes a metabolic reaction that heats up core body temperature. The increased core temperature helps to burn calories faster than you would normally burn.

How to Use Cinnamon supplement as A Weight Loss Agent

Multiple studies have shown that cinnamon used in a daily diet can help reduce the amount of weight gain, and can help reduce the weight that you currently have built up.

In order to have a small amount of cinnamon in your daily diet, simply mix a teaspoon of honey and ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of boiling water. Drink this mixture once per day. If you do not like the flavor, all you have to do is add a flavored tea bag to the mixture to make add some additional flavor.

Chemistry behind Cinnamon Supplements and Weight Loss

Cinnamon increases the internal body temperature. Not only does cinnamon help boost metabolism, but it also helps to decrease appetite. This means that you will be taking in less calories and you burn more calories on a daily basis.

As your internal body temperature increases due to the cinnamon, the fat will melt right off of your body.

Cinnamon Supplements and Weight Loss

How You Can Ingest Cinnamon Supplements

Cinnamon supplements can be ingested in several methods. The first is through powder form, which can be purchased at your local grocery store.

This can be sprinkled on pretty much anything including breakfast cereal, in water, tea, coffee, juice, protein shake or more.

You can also take a supplement that comes in capsule form. This capsule form is easier to take and has no flavor. Many people choose to take cinnamon in supplement form because it does not interfere in the daily routine.

How much Cinnamon Should You Use?

If you choose to use cinnamon in powered form, the most you should take in daily is one teaspoon. This is because it can have a serious effect on your blood sugars and cause the opposite effect, or drop your blood sugar too low, leaving you lethargic, tired and sluggish.

The average person loses 2 to 3 pounds per week using this cinnamon as a supplement. While there are some advantages to using cinnamon to lose weight. Make sure to pay careful attention that you are using it in moderation. Overdoing this supplement can cause severe issues with internal organs, damage to the pancreas, and serious upset stomach.

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