Bad Habits

Healthier Options For Bad Habits

Bad habits are really hard to break. In fact, it is so hard to break a bad habit that many of us go through life with them. After a while they become subconscious. They might be annoying to others around us. Or they could become quite harmful to our health. So what are the options for a bad habit you just can’t get out of? Why not try some healthier alternatives and leave that horrible habit behind for good?

Biting your nails is one of those innocent and almost unconscious habits that bothers everyone but you. Of course, when it comes to painting them and trying to get them to look good for a night out, you might become a bit bothered. It could be right up there with chewing your hair. It’s just something that somehow happens when you’re deep in thought or a little anxious. The trouble is, there may be chemicals on your hair and germs on your fingers. Both of these can cause you a lot of harm.

If you know you like to pop things in your mouth when you’re busy mulling over a problem, have a bottle of water to hand. Quenching your thirst doing nothing to relieve your fidgety fingers? Try some sugar-free lollies, or some finger drumming while you chew gum. There are plenty of variants on these ideas that might suit you and keep your body parts out of your mouth!

Bad Habits

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Smoking is known to cause cancer, but sometimes it isn’t enough to make us quit. Because the habit of smoking is a big factor, it’s important you find something that can replace the cigarettes. There are lots of different options, but many people end up snacking and eating more. It’s about keeping your hands busy while reducing the nicotine intake. This is why vaping can be helpful. Websites like have dozens of liquids that contain different strengths of nicotine to help you quit the addictive parts of smoking. The habit might be less harmful if you find the right alternative for you.

Snacking is another bad habit that might have started when you tried to quit another one. Over time, you might have found your weight went up, and your healthy intentions dwindled. Finding the right snack alternative is a good start. When you fancy something sweet, grab some fruit. Sultanas are pretty good here. Biscuits in the office? Pack a small pot of hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds instead. And if you’re feeling a hunger pang between meals, try a big glass of water or something physical like a walk. They could help you put off eating for just long enough.

We all know sitting on the sofa and watching TV is a bad habit to get into. But when you’re in the mood to watch your favourite TV shows, it’s difficult to get up and do something else. Bring a couple of light weights into your living room, or even your exercise bike. Now you’re getting more active without quitting the couch!

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