Building Bigger Legs

Five Tips for Building Bigger Legs

Working out in the gym on a leg day is very exhausting for many people, and there are a lot of individuals who tend to skip leg day because they think that their legs do not need that much focus and they are not worth training that hard.

While most of the people don’t pay much attention to their leg muscles during training, there still are people who exercise their legs properly and want to have killer legs. If you go to the gym regularly and you are aiming for that perfect body shape by gaining more muscles, it is necessary for you that you train your legs as well because skipping leg day does affect the whole body. And of course, nobody wants to go out with a buffed up upper body and skinny legs. If you train right and train properly, you can achieve those killer leg muscles with perfect shape. Here are five tips that will help you build your leg muscles.

1# Always warm up first

Most of the people do not realize the importance of warming up, and when they go to the gym they just start lifting heavy fights straight away, skipping the warm up part. Neglecting warm up can result in improper muscle work out, and it can also hurt your muscle. When you start your workout with a warm-up exercise, your muscle makes itself ready for the heavy lifting and after warming up the training effects the muscle much well.

You can warm up your legs by performing exercises including walking lunges, squats and side lunges. Do one of these exercises to warm up your leg muscles and then move on to the big workouts.

2# Pay attention to your form

Before starting your leg day training, make sure that you are in proper form. As we know that our legs are a large muscle group in our body and if you injure your leg you can likely affect another body part too, so it is crucial that you must know your form in order to train carefully.

We are aware that it is important to lift as much weight as you can, but you need to be careful about that. Lifting heavy weights is effective as long as you are doing it with the right technique and care. To be cautious about it, you can always start with a lighter weight, and then you can add more weight gradually.

3# Maintain mind and muscle connection

It is very important that you maintain a connection between mind and muscle during training. Tuning in with your mind is another thing that majority of the people ignore or don’t pay much attention to it. Establish a connection between your mind and muscle, focus on the tension in every rep and feel your muscle contracting intensely. You need to get this feeling; you need to tell your mind that you are working hard. Because otherwise if you are just going through motions of your exercise, it means you are not working hard enough.

4# Do not fear big weights

Some men are afraid of lifting weight due to fear of damaging a muscle and many women also fear to lift heavy weights because lifting heavy weight add more mass to the muscle. To gain more size with muscle, you will also need to take in more calories. Lifting heavy weight will help you in developing strength.

5# Use all the angles

As mentioned above we know that our legs are a large group of muscles and it is important that it is worked out properly from all angles. Use all the angles to train your legs, perform different exercises and with the time.

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