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D-chiro-inositol – for Efficient Weight Loss

Losing weight is literally on everyone’s agenda, be it men, women, young or old. Weight loss helps people in varied ways. Since obesity is often linked with diseases, even doctors recommend weight loss to maintain health. The right way to lose weight comprises the right diet, right amount of exercises and a healthy lifestyle. In today’s fast and furious lifestyle followed by many across the world, obesity is fast becoming a matter of concern among health practitioners all over. D-chiro-inositol (DCI) is one of the stereoisomers out of the nine. It is a natural hormone that is produced by the body. Studies on this hormone revealed that it has powerful weight loss properties, and so now it is efficiently synthesized in the lab and made use of as a weight loss solution.

When D-chiro-inositol is used for weight loss treatments, it is clubbed with a calorie limited diet to make the most of it. This diet limits your consumption to 500 calories per day. As a result your body turns to alternate sources to meet your energy requirements. When D-chiro-inositol hormone is present in the body, it turns this energy needs to the available fat deposits in the body. When the fat pockets are used to meet your energy requirements, you subsequently lose weight and grow leaner and stronger. It is suggested to club the weight loss treatment with moderate exercise on a daily basis, to maximize the effects obtained through it.

D-chiro-inositol is usually available in the form of oral pills or drops and the dosage is to be adhered to, in order to ensure efficient weight loss. When you are on the weight loss treatment, your diet should be limited to healthy and lean proteins and contain minimum quantities of carbohydrates.

Pointers to keep in mind

Take lot of Fluids: Water is considered to be the best liquid for anyone anytime. Like we use water to have bath everyday and cleanse our physical body, same way drinking clean water will cleanse our body internally. It also helps to avoid constipation and keeps us bay from dehydration. Other fluids like milk, juices, butter milk, shakes and smoothies (fat free) can also be included.

Say yes to Honey:  It is a known fact that honey is considered to be one of the best foods. It helps to detoxify our body and also helps to reduce bad cholesterol. When it is mixed with lemon and warm water and taken as a wake up drink every morning on empty stomach, it works wonders especially for obese people and those who want to lose few extra pounds.

Take a lot of Fibers: We all know that fibers are good for our body and helps in digestion. But there are more things that fiber can do. It helps to reduce the bad cholesterol, reduces the risk of blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and also helps in absorption of all the nutrients from the food that we eat. So make sure to include lot of grains and fibers in your morning breakfast bowl.

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