Aldactone for Hair Loss

Aldactone for Hair Loss

There are many leading reasons why women may experience loss in hair. As well there are many articles for this, and you might be tired of reading all this repeatedly but there is no cure for it instead of reading because you never know from where you can get the correct information. Right?

Weight loss or weight gain is the main problem for today’s generation especially in women. They are very much possessive about their calorie deficiency, their looks, the fat that they consume, hormonal imbalance followed by birth control pills, stopping oral contraceptives, switching from one flavour to another for their glowing skin or rather growing their hair in a healthy manner. As we grow, the growing cycle slows like most other body processes.

Whereas coming back to the topic women lose their hair because of overproduction of male hormones and the drug that is helpful is Aldactone. Due to stress hair may further lead to baldness. Clinicspots provides medical consultation online so that you can get best solutions to treat your problems of hair loss. You can also search for best cost of hair transplant in Delhi listed on our portal. We ensure you that everyone gets the best healthcare facilities within their budget. Some women lose their hair because they produce male hormone in excess amount. When that happens, there is a drug that can help: Aldactone.

Many women lose their hair with this pattern due to higher-than-normal levels of androgens — hormones are normally made in women in a very small quantities whereas, in men larger quantities are made— or increased sensitivity to androgens such as testosterone. For example women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), have ability to produce more androgens, that causes hair growth on the face and on head, as well as infertility and metabolic problems.

Aldactone well known as a Hair Loss Treatment

  • Aldactone is not approved specifically for hair loss treatment, so when doctors uses it, it’s considered an “off-label” use
  • Aldactone is a potassium-sparing diuretic, which means that it keeps the body rid of excess fluid as do other diuretics (water pills), but it allow you to lose potassium in the process as many diuretics do
  • It’s basically needed for treatment of swelling, high blood pressure, and potassium deficiency in the body
  • But aldactone acts as an anti-androgen, it helps women whenthey are experiencing hair loss due to higher levels of androgens
  • The drug leads to the adrenal glands and ovaries to lower the production of androgens, and also blocks the action of androgens that have been produced
  • Other way is by stopping dihydrotesterone — it is another form of testosterone that leads hair to lose— from binding its androgenetic receptor and affecting the follicles of hair
  • Aldactone won’t help you to grow your new hair, rather it helps the hair thinning become thicker and fuller

Like any other kind of drug, Aldactone has its own favourable and unfavourable conditions. Read on to know why it may be good to talk to your doctor before taking a decision to opt for Aldactone for hair loss

Advantages of Using Aldactone

  • It’s easy to determine an appropriate treatment for you
  • If your dermatologist suspects that androgens is the reason behind your hair loss, a simple blood test is enough to confirm the cause
  • It targets the problem by knowing the cause and it helps to stop the production of androgens and their action prevent them from binding their androgenetic receptors, “It helps to fight many of those hormones that cause hair loss in first place
  • In the mean time, it helps to get rid of hair growth in unwanted areas, such as on the face, and helps to clear up acne
  • It is very affordable
  • It has the capability to be taken with other medications
  • Some women prefer it to take with minoxidil (Rogaine), a solution that’s applied to the scalp, for better results.


  • It can make you urinate more frequent: It is usually not a problem with women taking lower doses of Aldactone. But if you’re taking its high dose of 200 milligrams, then you may have frequent urination problem.
  • Causes irregular menstrual cycles: Anything that hinders your hormones may cause a bit change in your menstrual cycle. Women have habit of taking oral contraceptives when they take Aldactone in their regular cycles and also ensure that they don’t get pregnant while taking the drug
  • Lowers blood pressure: Be aware that dizziness and light headache can be the sign of your low blood pressure

Do not hesitate to call your doctor if you’re experiencing any kind of side effects from Aldactone.

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