Lower Back Pain

10 Ways to Deal with Lower Back Pain

At some point in your life, it is very possible for you to experience lower back pain. There are a vast number of reasons why your lower back would be painful. Perhaps you twisted it when you had to bend, or maybe you pulled your muscle, or maybe you were stressed out or you suffered from bouts of arthritis (because unfortunately, it runs in your family). Whatever was the cause of your back pain, it was probably very exasperating when your back felt dull and heavy due to your condition.

You could not do activities that under normal circumstances you would do without second thoughts e.g. you could not bend without crying out in agony, you could not walk upright and you could not sit for long due to a dull ache. Naturally then, whenever you would experience low back pain, you would want to be relieved of it so that you could continue with your daily life. Fortunately, there are many ways to treat lumbar back pain and some of them are more practical than the others. Some of these treatment suggestions are written below.

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  1. Chiropractic Spine Adjustment. Through this process, the spine is manipulated so that its inflammation would lessen and the patient could move more freely without pain. Although not all individuals would go to chiropractors, there are actually those who like this procedure better than surgery.
  2. Massage Therapy. Getting a massage could also help you deal with your lumbar area pain. A 45 minute massage relaxes your muscles and helps get rid of the soreness or the kinks.
  3. Surgery. Some people who experience really bad lumbago pain would opt for surgery to make things right. Of course, because this is a very expensive option, it is not always that medical professionals and specialists would recommend people to undergo the knife unless it is essential. It is safe to say then that surgery is a case-to-case suggestion.
  4. Rest and Sleep. The body needs a good night’s rest to recuperate when it experiences pain. If you do not get enough sleeping hours or you are unable to feel rested, your back pain would not go away. If you also have insomnia, this would only make your pain worse.
  5. Ice Packs or Heat Packs and Liniments. Depending on the person’s preference, an ice pack or a heat pack can be used to lessen the inflammation that comes with the pain. Some people use liniments too in place of heat packs. Many individuals swear by the power of liniments to heal back pains.
  6. Avoiding High Heeled Shoes. If you are a woman and you enjoy wearing stilettos and other types of high heeled shoes, it might be time for you to reconsider this preference. Wearing high heels can put pressure on your lower spine because the heels affect your posture.
  7. Losing Weight. Doctors may also recommend losing weight to lessen the pain. It may not eliminate it entirely but it can make you feel lighter and will help you get up even with back pains and be more mobile.
  8. The most common means to treat back pain is through medication. There are over the counter drugs and prescription drugs that could alleviate pain quickly. There are also steroids that the person can take orally or through injection.
  9. Proper Nutrition. If you are suffering from arthritis or other medical conditions that could cause back pain or add to your back pain, it would be good if you watch what you eat. You should make sure that you do not consume anything that can only heighten your pain. For example, beans and legumes are a diet no-no if your lower back pain is due to arthritis.
  10. Low Impact Aerobics. Along with losing weight, many doctors would suggest low impact aerobics exercise in order to increase the flow of blood in the body and decrease back tautness and joint stiffness that could only contribute to pain in your lumbago. Exercise also enhances the release of endorphins which increase the person’s mood and prevent the person from becoming stressed. Since lower back pain is also associated with being stressed, an increase in endorphins indicates that there will be lower likelihood of lumbar area pain.

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